Three Volunteer Firefighters. One Proud Business.

Written By: AFCA | Posted On: May 30, 2012

The Story of 49 North Lubricants

When an emergency call comes down the line, the three-man team nicknamed Crew 49 piles into their truck and rushes down to the fire hall faster than you can say “break time.” Thankfully, this doesn’t mean work at 49 North Lubricants comes to a halt. And that makes owner Dave Sharratt a happy businessman.

As one of the three volunteer firefighters with 49 North Lubricants, Dave Sharratt is proud to employ people who give back to the community.

“I didn’t hire these guys because they were volunteer firefighters. But it made the decision easier because I already knew what kind of people they are.”

Dave opened 49 North Lubricants in Nisku, Alberta after he moved from Manitoba in 2005. The chance to connect with his new community in a meaningful way drove him to become a volunteer firefighter shortly after. Six years later, the team camaraderie Dave experiences makes it clear to him that he made the right decision.

“I used to play hockey and when I moved to Alberta I wanted to get back into it. But becoming a volunteer firefighter seemed like it was probably a better way for me to spend my time. It feels like I’m part of a team.”

With an average of 285 emergency calls made to the Nisku fire hall every year, not every member of Crew 49 is able to respond each time.

“If a guy is right in the middle of something at work, sometimes he can’t just drop it and go. But we always make sure at least one of us from 49 North can. We all signed up so we could help out. As a business owner, it’s important for me to give my employees the freedom to join in and give back.”

In an industry where lasting client relationships means the difference between a successful business and a floundering one, Dave sees that some of his best clients recognize the value of doing business with a company that values its community, and the people in it. “It can make for stronger business relationships, absolutely. They know we’re dependable people. They can trust us.”

It’s important that 49 North Lubricants keeps doing business, it employs more than a dozen people. But Dave knows that his business wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of the surrounding community. That’s just one of the reasons Dave and Crew 49 are proud to serve as volunteer firefighters of Alberta.


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