About Us

Our Mark

Too often, volunteer firefighters like you remain the unsung heroes of the community. Your dedication and drive go unnoticed. The people you train to serve: your neighbours, your friends and in some cases, even your family, may not know what you go through to ensure their safety.

This new mark will help to change all that. It’s a mark of honour and a way to share your commitment to the Alberta Volunteer Firefighters, along with the safety of everyone in your community.

It’s your mark. Wear it proudly.


Our Mission

Through unwavering vigilance, rigorous training and unquestionable dedication, the Alberta Volunteer Firefighters work to serve and ensure the safety of every person in the province.

As an Alberta Volunteer Firefighter, a prospective member, or an otherwise interested party, this website will provide you with the latest provincial and national firefighter news as well as information on how to join up and how you can get involved.