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A new opportunity to help, to grow, to test oneself
Written By: AFCA | Posted On: January 30, 2013

I still remember the feeling of passing through the police traffic control and being assigned to be with a senior member helping out on an accident scene. It was that moment I realized that this was exactly what I was looking for… Continue reading

Pride and Appreciation
Written By: AFCA | Posted On: November 25, 2012

I had been thinking about becoming a volunteer but not knowing too much, I had some mixed feelings about it. I wasn’t too sure how to contact the local fire department but was sure happy when they approached me. Continue reading

Three Volunteer Firefighters. One Proud Business.
Written By: AFCA | Posted On: May 30, 2012

When an emergency call comes down the line, the three-man team nicknamed Crew 49 piles into their truck and rushes down to the fire hall faster than you can say “break time.” Thankfully, this doesn’t mean work at 49 North Lubricants comes to a halt. And that makes owner Dave Sharratt a happy businessman. Continue reading

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